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Grocery Raja is the best Online Grocery Shopping in Coimbatore store & the right Online Supermarket in Coimbatore. You can shop online for 2000s of products and around 500 brands. 

Why Online Grocery Shopping is better? 

Many people wonder, why online shopping is better or they do not know how easy Online Grocery Shopping is. 

Here are some of the benefits of Online Grocery Shopping:

  • Shop at your own convenience

What if you think about shopping at 6 AM in the morning? Usually shops open at 7 or 8 or even 10 in the morning. Or if you do not have money in hand to buy?

But with Online Shopping, you can shop at any time from anywhere. You can use Grocery Raja's online payment option

  • Shop 24/7

Your favorite local shops or department stores usually close a day in a week or work only during set times. But with Online Grocery Shopping, you can shop 24 hours a day and all days a week. Isn't that wonderful?

  • Shop from home or office or while travelling

You do not need to travel to department store or super market or annachi shop. You just use your phone or tablet or PC anywhere, like at your home or office or while travelling and do the shopping easily

  • Sit back and choose products wisely to fit your budget

The usual business trick of the popular department store is pushing you to buy more than what you actually need. You may go to the shop for buying 5 items and you will end up buying 15 items.

This happens because, they showcase products that lure your interest and you will or anyone will buy more.

With Grocery Shopping Online, you buy what you want, stop the urge to buy more. Every time you add a product, you can see the total amount on the cart box displayed on top. So you know what to add or deduct. Isn't that super wonderful?

  • You do not need to carry heavy weights

Another PAIN in traditional department store shopping is, lifting heavy weights. Though some shops help you till the car, you may have to tip them on a courtesy basis. Then at home, you will have unload all the items yourself.

With Online Grocery Shopping, we do all the heavy lifting and in fact you get the products delivered to your home without any hassle, almost the same day.

  • Pay Cash on Delivery

Some of you have little dilemma about product quality, or for various reasons, you do not want to pay upfront.

For the same reason, Grocery Raja offers you Cash On Delivery

  • Pay Online using multiple payment option

Traditional shopping involves only credit card or debit card and now a days it's becoming unsafe to use debit cards with pin typing. Also, you cannot use internet banking to make payments to a department store.

Here at Grocery Raja Online shopping, we offer multiple payment options such as Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking

  • Huge Discounts to Save money

Several people asked us, "Why and how are we giving so much discount?"

Here are the answers:

We are a growing Online Grocery Shopping Company In Coimbatore and we are trying to educate the benefits on doing online grocery shopping and to acquire valuable customers

Traditional shops charge you, for AC/Rent/Office Staff/Transportation/Current Bills etc… But we do not have most of these expense and so we are almost giving everything back to customers. Of course we take little profit 

  • No Traffic tension

Traffic is sick and no one likes it. Then why do you have to get stuck in traffic to do Grocery Shopping? What happiness do you get from looking at the same grocery items every month and doing Grocery Shopping? Spend that time memorably with your family & by watching movies & going to a shopping mall etc.

  • No Billing Queues

How many times have you waited on the billing and delivery queues and decided not to come back to that store. But again and again you end up going to that shop.

Forget about the billing queues while you shop at Grocery Raja. No waiting for bills or delivery bags

  • Find products which you do not find at your nearby annachi shops

You may not find the products that you desperately needed. Your local maligai store will not have them.

But with Grocery Raja, you can find almost all the Grocery Products.


BEST Online Supermarket in Coimbatore - BETTER Shopping Experience:

  • Local Brands:

We have all products newly stocked each week, from local brands to all other popular and favorite branded products. We respect your taste and tradition and so we are proud to say that we are a local company. We do not sell products which are of low quality but highly priced. We track your ordered items every time you order and we read your comments each day and list your favorite brands in our website.

  • Same Day Delivery:

We keep up our promise to you, dear customers. As promised, all orders which are placed before 10 am are delivered the same day. Every customer is valuable to us, no matter you place a highly valued order or a low valued order, your order gets delivery the same day. Same Day delivery may not be available because of Covid-19 lock down and huge order volume. Most of the Sunday, same day order will not be available and the order will be delivered on Monday

  • 100% Customer Support:

We call our customers back as soon as we receive the order and confirm the time the order will reach them. Other customer queries are also attended then and there to keep the every customer guaranteed and assure with the order delivery and excellent service.

  • Free Gifts:

We remember every customer and we assure free gifts / gifts cards while placing an order. On return of gift cards, customers are gifted with gifts of their own choice. We want our customers to be happy and complimented every time.

  • Freshness Guaranteed:

Our quality of vegetables, fruits, groceries and other household supplies are sold at a reasonable price with 100% freshness. We do not refrigerate our fruits and vegetables - they are handpicked by a dedicated Grocery Raja Team to ensure freshness and quality each time you place an order. Our customers are so far happy with the quality of veggies and fruits we deliver to them everyday.