Everyone is busy nowadays working on their daily targets in office and then managing and building the family, when they reach home. “Where is the time for my hobbies? Where is my relaxation?” – are the questions that every men or women ask at the end of the day. Shopping is a real fun and a thrilled entertainment, only when you shop something new every week or month. Let’s say shopping clothes is fun – exploring new styles, colors, designs or models. What is so entertaining when you wait for somebody else’s car to be taken out from the parking lot, so that you can park your vehicle to do the grocery shopping? What fun and enjoyment is there when you pick the same tomato or potato or dal or biscuit packets from the supermarket racks? Do you really feel happy moving the heavy shopping cart around the store aisle, glancing at the same groceries stocked up on the shelves? Do you really feel that this grocery shopping experience is innovative and happy? The majority answer would be a BIG NO…

Nowadays, internet has boomed so much in our day to day life, which has turned our grocery shopping online a piece of cake. When everything reaches our home in few clicks, why should we strain ourselves, travel and waste both our time and energy by rushing to the stores or supermarkets when we are short of groceries at home. There isn’t a huge difference between the Supermarkets and your local shop. The only difference is that the products are displayed in an attractive manner in a vast infrastructure. That mystique look provokes the MORE purchase attitude in everyone. Mostly 80% of all the supermarkets promote and sell the same brands and the products that the local store or supplier carries. Only think you have to think whether while you do grocery shopping is that, do you save more money while shopping from your home or do you save money when you shop from the supermarket.

There is not much discounts received while you shop at the supermarkets. Review the invoice right after every shopping you make and you would see for yourself that most of the items would be billed for manufacturer’s suggested retail price and there would be no discounts applied by shopping at those cozy outlets. Some supermarkets also charge you extra for those fancy carton boxes and carry bags. You need to carry the items to your car or you would have to tip the delivery boy or the security at the parking lot which costs you.

Supermarkets only trick you to spend more money and entice items which you really don’t need at the moment, but propelled to shop. You would have landed in the supermarket for something but you will end up shopping everything. Which actually means – we plan to shop bread and butter, but we windup shopping bread and then jam and then some flavored spreads and so on which always adds to the bill. Also while entering the supermarket, you would be certain to shop your favorite brand but when it is unavailable on those shelves, you are driven forcibly to shop some new brand displayed out there.

I hope now we know the reason why our parents and grandparents always wrote down their grocery list on a piece of paper or in a pocket notebook before doing their grocery shopping every month? Though they were blessed with 8 to 12 children those days they never struggled feeding them. They lavishly fed their children with healthy food and also saved more money by budgeting everything they buy. They bought only the items which were really essential and were very cautious in controlling their impulse on buying items irrelevant to their shopping list.

No one takes a shopping list to the supermarket and does grocery shopping. If we would really do that, then we are smart shoppers. What we actually do is, we get catchy by viewing at the shelves, pick up the items which we really came for and then reach out for other glossy items.  We would finally be tempted to go for it, though there isn’t a desperate need for it. We fail to pay attention on what items we pick from the shelves and add them to our shopping cart. We start shopping items because of the impulse and land up on items which does not meet our budget.

Most often when we shop groceries, we remember the actual price for only 5 to 6 items which we shop regularly on a weekly or monthly basis. Most of the time, our eyes get attracted towards the glossy look of the products projected on the shelves, but we do not focus about the price of the item which adds extra cost to our monthly grocery budget. A smart shopping is to shop the same quality item without paying extra for the packaging. But when shopping some items like Horlicks, Oats, Bru, Biscuits etc we are charmed by the outer packing like plastic containers, Free Cups, Free Spoon etc and blindly make the wrong choice. The same brand, the same size and the same quantity is available in the same supermarket which is much cheaper without that glam packaging.

Have you noticed that the supermarkets stock up the older batched items in the front and keep the new batched items behind in the display shelves? This is also a trick to make you shop their profitable item. Expensive brands are exhibited right at eye level so that you will be forced to reach out for it. This happens with the kids products too such as chocolates, Toffees, Toys etc are positioned at the lower or bottom level of the racks, so that the kids will grab them immediately and plead the parents to buy it for them.

Another psychology is that we would buy more when the store or supermarket is crowded. Our subconscious mind tells us to be a part of the crowd and it would make us feel inferior if our nearby cart is fully loaded and ours has only one or two items in it. When the store is loaded with people, we fail to look into the details such as batch date, expiry date, replicated brand names etc.  We cannot freely hand-pick the fruits & vegetables when someone is standing next to those shelves with the shopping cart.

We speak so much about freshness but when we enter the supermarkets, do you really feel that the fruits and vegetables are FRESH? Have you noticed that they are stored in the refrigerator? Fruits and vegetable bought from the Local Market stays fresh even for a week than the ones that are bought from the supermarket, because they are stocked by a couple of days before we do the shopping. Food has an enormous affect on our lifestyle and decides how healthy and unhealthy we make our body and our generations to come. Every time you shop your groceries feel the difference between what is marketed healthy and what is actually healthy and choose the item accordingly. Day by day, food prices shoot up and down and so it is necessary for each and everyone to be careful with what you shop and what not to shop during your grocery shopping.

When it comes to health and hygiene, we change or at least wash our grocery bags when they become dirty. You should be aware that most of the supermarkets do not clean the shopping carts you pull along the store to purchase your food items, fruits and vegetables. Most people also make their cute babies and little ones sit on the shopping carts and move around the supermarket until you finish your shopping. On a study, 95% of the consumers really do not have any idea about what items are inside the cart and what would be the final bill cost. Though we may see Sale boards here and there in the supermarket we come out with uncertainty about the purchase made.

Why Online Grocery Shopping is the right choice?

  • Online grocery shopping is the best for all those who hate crowds and queues.
  • When you forget an item after placing an online order, you can immediately place another order again with the missed out items without going out
  • Fewer expenses: You can just do grocery purchase instead of eating outside, impulsive shopping etc.
  • You get the opportunity to always compare the price of various brands in the same category and make the right choice before you shop
  • You can see the price and discount of each item before you make the purchase.
  • Crowds at the supermarket always push you to do fast shopping and pick things that are really not needed at the moment but to just move from the shopping crowd or to do compulsive shopping. But shopping groceries online from home makes you feel special, relaxed and do easy shopping.
  • Privacy shopping: Some things are to be shopped in privacy such as sanitary pads, itch guard etc which some people find it difficult to shop at the supermarket or medical stores.
  • You can do multitasking while doing online grocery shopping. You may be working from office while placing the order online, or playing with your kids at home or at a special occasion – while you need your groceries by the time you reach home.
  • You can delete any item which you add by mistake or feel inappropriate at the checkout page freely without feeling ashamed or inferior to do so while you shop at the supermarket and in front of other queue members.
  • You are free to refer your kitchen items and containers and place an order online for only the items you need at the moment.
  • You run to the store or supermarket, thinking that it would be surely available there. But when the item is unavailable, you come back empty handed or pick some other brand. But doing online grocery shopping, you can visually see what is there and what is not there making few clicks and then place an order.
  • You can send groceries easily online during special occasions or to someone special who is living far away from you.
  • Online grocery shopping is made easy either through website, mobile or WhatsApp whichever medium is comfortable for you.

Grocery Raja, the leading Online Grocery Shopping Store would like to proudly present the grocery shopping list which is adequate and best suited for any family. Using this shopping list, you can comfortably do your grocery shopping from home. Please find below the Grocery Shopping List or Monthly Shopping list, you can print the list or hang them anywhere in your home before you do you grocery shopping.

  • Vegetables & Fruits
  • Dals
  • Oils
  • Masala Powders and Whole Spices
  • Rice
  • Flours
  • Salt & Sugar
  • Eggs
  • Milk & Curd
  • Floor & Toilet Cleaners
  • Dishwash Items
  • Detergents
  • Pooja Items
  • Shoe Polish
  • Air and Car Fresheners
  • Soaps
  • Toothbrush and Tooth Paste
  • Hair Oil, Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Talcum Powder, Fairness Cream and Body Lotion
  • Men & Women Deodorants
  • Blades, Razors and Shaving Items
  • Sanitary Items and Health Needs
  • Baby Diapers, Foods and Accessories
  • Biscuits & Snack Items
  • Ketchup, Sauces & Vinegar
  • Noodles, Soups and Vermicelli
  • Pickles
  • Baking Items
  • Corn Flakes and Oats
  • Bread, Honey and Jam
  • Chocolates, Savories and Sweets
  • Tea, Coffee, Health Drinks
  • Soft Drinks, Juices and Soda
  • Meat