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LED Multicolor Crystal Star Light with Stand

LED Multicolor Crystal Star Light with Stand. Wonderful look when used as night lamp too. Check the product during delivery. CANNOT BE REPLACED/REFUNDED after the pack is opened and used.
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LED Multicolor Crystal Star Light with Stand. DIRECTIONS: This set is equipped with push-in replaceable bulbs. If the set does not light, gently push each bulb firmly into the socket to be sure each is making contact. DO NOT TWIST BULBS: Each bulb is equipped with a permanent contact shunting device so that when one bulb eventually goes out, the others remains lit (provided the burnt bulb is not removed) However, burned out bulbs should be promptly replaced to prolong the life of the remaining bulbs. Note: Burned out bulbs must remain in socket to complete the circuit until they are replaced for new ones. Broken bulbs do not make contact. If a bulb breaks, it must be replaced in order for the set to light. Replacement of Bulbs: 1. Make sure the set is unplugged 2. Pull the bulb straight up 3. Remove the old bulb from the base by bending wires straight 4. Insert wires of the new bulb into both holes in the base. Bend wires upwards, one on each side 5. Push base with the new bulb straight into socket slot CAUTION: DO NOT INSERT BULB WHEN THE SET IS PLUGGED IN Do not install on trees having needles, leaves or branch coverings of metal or materials which looks like metal. Do not mount or support strings in a manner that can damage or cut the wire insulation


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